Time for Tea

INTRO JPEGI try to keep it classy at all times. But some days you just need to take your class to the max. And on those days you’re going to need a classy beverage to accompany your extra classy behavior. So a few weeks ago when I was on a hyper-charged classiness kick, I knew there was only one thing to do. I put my pinky up, broke out that British accent, and sat down for some afternoon tea.

DSC01963{Pretty menu + Rose Petals = Tea Done Right}

Enter the Chado Tea Room on Hollywood and Highland. Located among the tourist tornado of Hollywood Boulevard, this little slice of heaven is like a cool oasis in the middle of a desert. In a metaphorical sense. But I digress. DSC01966
{Peaceful enough to bring your Mac and go HAM on that Wifi. Yes there is Free Wifi. This place is a winner.}

If you don’t like tea, I guarantee that you will after leaving Chado. Inside is literally a library wall full of different teas from all over the world. And some of them have punny names (I ordered the “VitalitTEA.” How cute is that.) Each person gets their own adorable teapot which yields about 3-4 cups of tea. It was far too perfect. I’m in love with tea now. More than before.

DSC01973{My roommate is cooler than yours. Sorry bout it.}

As if this place wasn’t already too good to be true, Chado is also ridiculously cheap. You can get your own pot of AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS tea for around $5. And if you’re starving, as I was, they also offer a menu full of tea sandwiches, salads, and tasty/adorable desserts. Ugh. Chado is perfect in every way.

DSC01969{La Salade. It was delish. Fo real.}

Overall I feel like a more cultured person for having gone to Chado. Is it overdramatic to say it changed my life? Maybe. Does that affect me? Not really. Will I go back? 100%. Every time anyone talks about tea I recommend this place. And so I shall recommend it to you dear Internet friends.

DSC01977{True life: I have a huge fear of burning my taste buds on hot tea. But I fight through it because, like the fierce women of Destiny’s Child, I’m a Survivor.}

So if you’re looking to up your classy game and taste tea from all over the world, get yourself over to Chado. It’s worth braving the insanity of Hollywood Blvd. I swear. Put those pinkies up and get down on some tea. You’ll experience peaceful enlightenment. Namaste beautiful people. Namaste.

To learn more about Chado Tea Room (located in Hollywood, Downtown LA, and Pasadena) visit https://www.chadotea.com/

2 thoughts on “Time for Tea

  1. Alright this is the second blog post I’ve read of yours and I’ve officially decided that you’re hilarious! Thanks for sharing this, I LOVE tea. I’ve recently gotten into drinking jasmine green tea with a splash of soy milk and bit of honey. It’s delicious, but I think I want to get a little more exotic and try this place out!
    A whole place dedicated to specials teas? I’m in…

    • Oh my goodness, you’re too kind. And of course! I stumbled into this place by accident and basically fell in love with it. I had to share it with the world. You’re tea recipe sounds amazing! I’ll have to try that sometime soon. But definitely give Chado a try! The tea list is slightly overwhelming at first, but the people that work there are all super nice and give awesome recommendations, so it all works out in the end!


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