Hidden in the Hills

INTRO PHOTO JPEGLadies and gentlemen, there’s a secret lurking in the hills of Hollywood. What do I mean by that? Literally exactly what I just said. There’s a secret hiding in the Hollywood Hills. And since you guys seem like real straight-shooters, I’ll tell you what it is. Prepare to have your socks blown off in 3, 2, 1:

Hollywood has a lake.

DSC01913{Woop, there it is. And look at that HWood sign in the distance. Classic.}

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Alex, there’s a lake in Hollywood?! How could I have not seen this before? What else aren’t they telling us?! AM I ACTUALLY ADOPTED?” Calm down. I’ll break it down for you. Technically this beautiful body of water is not actually a lake. It’s a reservoir. So you can rest easy in knowing your entire life is not a lie. You’re welcome. But this little known landmark is definitely worth a visit, if you’re up for trekking through some mountain roads.

DSC01914{Close up on that sign. I got you.}

It’s definitely a little bit tricky to get there, so I would recommend some Internet research before embarking on this journey. And since I wasn’t the one doing the driving, I unfortunately can’t shed too much light on the route. Apologies. But I do know you travel through a pretty star-studded neighborhood to get there.

DSC01920{Case in point, this is Chris Brown’s house. You know. Casual.}

Once you do make it up there, the views are pretty phenomenal. On one side you’ve got Lake Hollywood and the classic Hollywood Sign, and on the other you have view of literally the entire city of Los Angeles. And what a view it is. Even though there’s a fence, just power through and look beyond. It’s worth it.

DSC01911{Can you say Kodak Moment? I can.}

If you like hiking, this is a great place to start. A lot of people like to take their dogs on walks through a trail that starts at the top of the hill where the reservoir is. And of course, if you don’t like hiking, it’s a nice place to drive to and take pictures in front of the water.

DSC01915{I rest my case.}

So if you have a free morning, I’d definitely recommend finding your way to Lake Hollywood. It’s one of those things I think everyone should do if they live in the city. ¬†Get on up there and cross an item off your LA Bucket List. You’ll be happy you did.

6 thoughts on “Hidden in the Hills

    • Hi Brigita,

      It is such a calm haven, high up above the hectic bustle of the city. I think that’s what makes it the perfect weekend destination! Thanks for your comment!


    • Hi Whitney,

      Yeah it’s kind of one of LA’s best kept secrets! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it, because it’s absolutely beautiful up there. Thanks for commenting, and I checked out your giveaway. Loved your blog–definitely a new follower!


    • Yeah I was so surprised to find it, but it’s a really cool place to visit! You should definitely check it out. And hmm…it’s not the most ideal swimming environment, but anything’s possible right? Do your thing girl. Challenge those norms.

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