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The Internet is such a lovely, beautiful place. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I really question certain things I find, but most of the time, it’s filled with gold. And one such golden place? Etsy of course! I like handmade things. I like them a lot. Ergo my love for Easy E. (PS that’s what I call Etsy.) But as we’ve gone over before, I DO NOT enjoy spending money. Lucky for me, Easy E keeps it cool on a budget. Love it. 100% love it. So please enjoy 20 of my favorite Etsy finds, all under the $25 price tag. Whatttttttt. I know. I’m excited too. Let’s go.Collage 1

Etsy Collage 2

1. Vegan Leather Envelope Clutch, $9.98
2. Rose Quartz Pendant, $10.99
3. “Somewhat Angular” Hand-Painted Mug, $21.94
4. Screenprinted Pocket Notebook, $5.50
5. Vegan Mint Lip Butter, $12.00
6. Treat Yo Self Poster, $20.00
7. Raw Quartz Crystal Ring, $15.50
8. Stripe iPhone Case, $21.99 (This shop is AWESOME, and all of the phone cases are under $22. AWESOME.)
9. 5 Marquise Leaves Gold Necklace, $24.50
10. Gentle Reminders Pencils, $12.00
11. Teal Blue Triangle Notebook, $16.45
12. Silver Chain and Cotton Friendship Bracelets, $13.71
13. PacMan Ring, $9.50 (I’m seriously in love with this one.)
14. Leather Tassel Keychain, $17.90
15. Grammar Poster Print, $16.00
16. Vegan Leather Neon Pouch, $20.00
17. Wired Tear Turquoise Necklace, $25.00
18. Drifter Mug, $20.00
19. Beaded Friendship Bracelet, $17.50
20. Green Bubble Necklace, $3.50 (Yes, $3.50. Mind = Blown.)

Whew. So there you have it. Some of the gems of Easy E, all under $25. Hooray for keeping it on budget! AKA hooray for cheapness!

Either way, Hooray!

Pssstttttt. While you’re there you should check out Etsy X YMF. Just sayin.

17 thoughts on “Etsy Finds Under $25

  1. I love every single one of these ideas… ergo, you have great taste!
    Etsy is such a great site, and saves me when I need a unique gift (I’ll keep YMF in mind for future reference :)
    Keep up the great posts!

    • Aw thank you! I was so excited when I found that poster. And then I saw the price, and I was even more excited! I’m a big fan of your blog, so I really appreciate you stopping by YMF! :)


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