Kinney. Abbot Kinney.

INTRO JPEGIf you’ve never been to Venice, California, let me first just say that it is quite an experience. Beach communities are kind of the best communities out there. But if I was to narrow down one golden kernel of glory located in the Venetian neighborhood, I would definitely choose Abbot Kinney. Basically it’s a fabulous little street filled to the brim with amazing fashion, shopping, eco-friendly store fronts, and of course, healthy food. If you were ever looking for a list of my interests, there you go. And every first Friday of the month, Abbot Kinney welcomes rows of food trucks to their little slice of beach paradise, along with live music and hoards of Angelinos looking for some entertainment. It’s wonderful. And I highly recommend you attend. So if that glowing recommendation isn’t enough for you, keep reading for some of the lovely sights of the land they call Abbot Kinney.


{Pretty, pretty storefronts. One of them even has a swing inside. If I worked there I would be on the swing constantly.}


IMG_3587{Food trucks and people, people and food trucks.}

IMG_3576IMG_3578IMG_3593IMG_3596IMG_3601{Adorable shops that are major motivation for finding somewhere to fit a job in my schedule. Seriously. Filling out apps as we speak.}


IMG_3610IMG_3611{And of course, the restaurants. SO much vegan/organic goodness. I was in wannabe vegan heaven.}

IMG_3612IMG_3603{Last but not least, the food.}

Yes that is both a kale salad and cold-pressed kale juice. I like to both eat and drink my kale. It’s so serious.


{And fun signs on the ceiling in case you forgot where you were. VENICE.}

So there you go. A quick glimpse at a lovely way to spend a Friday evening. First Fridays are fun, filled with food, and the perfect opportunity to people watch on some LA natives. Which is one of my favorite pastimes. Whatever you enjoy doing, Abbot Kinney has something for you. How kind of it right? I know. That street is a beautiful, beautiful soul.


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