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So the other day I was reading (you bet I do that) all about some of the best startups in the United States right now. You know, the real up-and-comers. I like to keep my pulse on the finger of society. But any who, one of the technology startups I came across was a wonderful little section of the Internet called Basically Klout measures your social media influence, and monitors all of your accounts online to create a daily score. You can use it for businesses or personal use. Either way, it’s kind of cool to see how you rank. But the other pretty swank half of Klout is that, depending on your score, you can get perks from brands that are looking to make an impact on social media influencers. And these perks are pretty darn fantastic. Like last week they were giving away tickets to Austin City Limits. I know. It’s cray.

But the point of this rambling story is that it was through Klout that I was offered a perk to create 50 free business cards with a cute company called You heard that right. FOR FREE. I don’t know if you’re aware of this phenomenon, but college students kind of have an obsession with free things. So I got to work designing and yesterday my cards arrived! In cute little packaging I might add. So please enjoy a look at my attempt to become a business pro. I have business cards so it’s official now. Go me.


{How they arrived. I’m sorry but that sticker is far too adorable.}

IMG_3650{Fresh out the box.}

As part of the perk you are required to have the Klout logo printed on the cards, but I really don’t mind. I’m like the ocean. I go with the flow.

So basically the way Moo works is that you can design your card any way you choose. All text, all photo, or a combination of both. I just did all photo and created my own designs, then uploaded them on to the website. It honestly could not be easier, and they send you a proof before you submit the order. It’s pretty cool. I’m definitely a fan.

IMG_3661{Oh Moo, how I love you.}

So there you go. A quick glimpse a pretty fun perk from Klout. It’s free to join, and the possibilities are sort of endless, so I highly recommend you look into it. If anything else just to see what your presence is scored at on the Internet. And if you’re ever looking for easy and high-quality business cards, definitely check out Moo! I’ll see you around the Internet, you social media pros.


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