Mocktails in Review

IMG_3283Hey Hey YMFriends. Happy Tuesday to you. If you’ve been with YMF for a while, then this post may look a tad familiar to you. That would be because you’ve seen it before. Science. But any who, we threw a Mocktails Party a while back, and as such we had a post reviewing said function. However, somewhere something went wrong, and that post is now nowhere to be found here on the blog. Why, I don’t know. But today I intend to fix it. You’re welcome. So without further ado, here is Mocktails in Review….again.


{Fake Drinks, Real Party}

There are few things I love more than a good slogan. So when it came to Mocktails 2013, a slogan was very necessary. Advertising is fun. This particular set of words found its way to the invitations, as well as several points throughout the event. If you don’t believe me, keep scrolling down.

IMG_3289{I told you.}

If you can’t edit your slogan to fit different parts of your party, then what can you do? Life is nothing without whimsy. So we took that slogan and applied it elsewhere. Like the photo booth, which was filled with props a plenty. We’re fans of DIYing, so we made them ourselves. #independence



Next we had the namesake of the function–the mocktails themselves. I like fruit-based beverages and adorable straws, so mocktails and I get along swimmingly. Swimmingly. If you want to learn more about the mocktails we made and snag those recipes, I highly recommend you click here.


{Wind go home.}

Next let’s discuss the decor, shall we? Cool. For the dessert table I wanted to create a kind of hanging divider, sticking with the pink, yellow, and magenta color tones of the party. Little did I know that wind is a vindictive little beast that seeks to destroy everything that you hold dear. Slightly dramatic, but if you plan to hang something, take wind into account. Or you can learn that lesson the hard way, á la yours truly. You decide.


{Ooh la lanterns}

IMG_3292{More ooh la lanterns.}

IMG_3278{Taking the indoors outdoors.}

So, carrying along with the color scheme, we found a whole bunch of paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar to hang around the space. Why paper lanterns? Because I. Love. Paper Lanterns. I don’t know why, but I really, really, do. Again though, wind will not be your friend with paper lanterns. But if you keep strategy in mind, you should be fine.


{And now, the food.}

Oh look, there’s that slogan again. One of my favorite things to obsess over on Pinterest are dessert tables. Because you can’t look at a dessert table and not feel at least a small amount of joy. So of course Mocktails 2013 featured a dessert table of its own, complete with cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, and assorted varieties of cookies. See below for sugary sass.



IMG_3284{Sugar to go.}

And because I do not need oodles of delicious desserts taunting me in my home, I figured to-go boxes were the most appropriate course of action. I only have so much will power.

IMG_3287{Oh yes.}

And finally, karaoke. Because how many opportunities do you have to sing both High School Musical jams and classics of the early 90s all in one night? Exactly. Long live karaoke.


{More lantern love.}

So there you have it. A quick review of Mocktails 2013, arguably the most highly anticipated event of the year. Throwing a mocktail party is a great excuse to dress up, and it’s just plain fun. That sounds like a win-win situation to me. Happy Mocktailing!



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